A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to host a Lanky Talky conference in which students from Forms 1-3 and their families joined us to discuss the IMYC program. IMYC stands for the International Middle Years Curriculum and it’s a program geared towards the youngest students at the Diligencias campus. 

The program aims to provide a unifying prism through which to view and process the different subjects our students engage in. These prisms are called Big Ideas and our subject teachers will help our students make significant connections in their particular disciplines as they navigate their units. 

This year, teachers have selected the themes of Structures, Communication and Identity for Forms 1, 2 and 3, respectively.  These themes are further expanded to these Big Ideas: 

During our introductory discussion, we launched our first Entry Point of the year, which is a celebration of the beginning of the IMYC learning process. Students and their families were asked to send a personal reflection about what the Big Ideas meant to them and to represent their understanding through a quote, a poem, a picture, etc.  The Exit Point is an opportunity for us to showcase our learning throughout the trimester and for students to connect their learning in the different subjects.

Thank you to all the students and families who submitted photos, poems, quotes and songs for our first IMYC Entry Point this year. 

Form 1 submitted materials about how they stay organized during this pandemic and the structure of their extracurricular activities for the theme of Structure. Form 2 submitted ideas about the theme of communication through creative photos, memes and pictures of their pets to illustrate how humans, insects and pets communicate. Finally, Form 3 presented a great variety of inspirational material, creative pictures to highlight their own identity and a poem complete with a justification about how it related to the theme of identity. 

Great work, everyone!

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