In Fulcrum, we’re getting ready for our launch! We’ll be sharing a few sneak peeks into some of the articles published in this issue.

Paola Kuri wrote the article: «Diversity leads to prosperity; inclusion leads to community». She spoke with us a little about her article.

«Diversity for prosperity; inclusion for community

Human communities battle diversity issues every day. Over the last fifteen years, I have worked for a company with strong initiatives on diversity and inclusion and I have experienced the positive relationship between management diversity and innovation; companies with higher levels of diversity get more revenue from new products and services. The problem lies in believing that diversity in the workplace is as simple as meeting the required quotas for employee race and gender. Diversity is more complex than that, not only in the workplace but also in every other place where people build a community.

Families, schools and companies should work on making diversity and inclusion a continuous goal in order to develop empathy and a deeper understanding of other cultures. This is the moment to figure out priorities and to re-adjust how we choose to live our lives and to accept that diversity is an opportunity to reach prosperity and inclusion is the way to create a community, which is one of the most important things we have.»

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