1 de marzo del 2024

As we -2nd graders- journey through the Unit “Sharing The Planet”, we are focusing on important topics such as extinction and conservation. These crucial themes not only educate our children about the environment but also empower them to make small actions that can create positive change.

At Lancaster we believe that small steps can make a big difference. By discussing topics such as extinction and conservation in the classroom, we encourage students to think critically about their impact on the world around them.

Here are some ideas that our children have shared with us:
«Use natural products» -Daniela
«Fight against animal hunting» – Malek
«Protect more natural areas» -Erick
«Turn off lights when not in use» -Luciana
«Avoid creating large amounts of rubbish» -Ian
«Stop cutting down trees» -Alana
«Reuse and recycle» – Pedro
«Don’t use too much water» – Mafer

We invite the Lancaster community to join us in our commitment to these important issues. Together we can work towards a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Lorena Martinez

Lorena Martinez

G2 Teacher

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