Lunch to celebrate Teacher’s Day


With great appreciation and affection, the families of Rey Yupanqui organized a delightful banquet for all the school staff in the ecological area. 

The banquet featured a variety of tacos, including steak, nopal, mushroom, alambre, and pastor, accompanied by both red and green salsas. Once we had filled our plates, we were offered refreshing icy drinks such as piña coladas.

For dessert, there was an impressive assortment of homemade treats, including banana and chocolate bread, courgette and nut bread, cheesecake, and flans, among others. After dessert, we each drew a number from a jar and received a gift generously donated by the families.

The wide array of thoughtful gifts made everyone feel incredibly pampered and appreciated. This wonderful gesture from the Lancaster families fostered a strong sense of community among us all!

Thank you very much!

Beth RUiz

Beth RUiz

G3 English teacher

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