Storytelling in Grade One


In Grade One, we explored a wonderful tool called the story retelling rope as part of our unit of inquiry, How We Express Ourselves. The story-retelling rope is a colorful, engaging tool that helps our young learners understand the structure of a story. It has different sections for each part of a story: the beginning, middle, and end. Each section is represented by a different color and has beads or symbols that remind us of key story elements like setting, characters, problem, events, and solution. This makes it easier for children to remember and organize their thoughts as they retell or write their own stories.


Using the story retelling rope has many advantages. It encourages children to think critically about the sequence of events in a story and helps them understand the importance of each part. The visual and tactile elements of the rope make it a fun and interactive way to learn, which keeps students engaged and excited about writing. By breaking down the story into manageable parts, the rope helps children gain confidence in their storytelling abilities and develop their narrative skills in a structured and enjoyable way. This tool not only enhances their creativity but also supports their understanding of how stories are constructed, making the process of writing stories more accessible and enjoyable for our young learners.

Lupita Calderón

Lupita Calderón

G1 English Teacher

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